Now it's easier to contact the right clients and to explore new communication channels

Drive more revenue, faster

If you have such a wonderful project that you don’t know how to describe it and you’re wondering what are the best ways to identify the right customers – You’re in the right place!

We are specialists in B2B marketing and communication, adapted to the Romanian market. Our Team will help you identify the right customers for your business and the most effective ways to get in touch with them. We can train your team or you can outsource partially or entirely the marketing process – It’s that simple.

We can support your commercial actions with dedicated services like:

– Marketing Strategy Creation/Review

– Marketing outsourcing

– Public Relations (PR)

– Lead Generation

– Content Marketing

– Social Media Marketing

– Organising business events

– Professional Photo Shooting

– Marketing collateral: brochures, presentations, bcards, etc.

– Website creation

– Logo design

– Video production 


Where we start

1. The marketing plan tailored to your business strategy.

We start by analyzing the current customer portfolio, establish the ideal customer profile, identify the best prospects and marketing actions necessary to meet business objectives

2. Implementation schedule

Together with your team, we establish the timetable for the implementation of the agreed actions.

3. We implement the actions

We create the necessary materials and implement the agreed actions.

Tip: By using Data & Analytics combined with Online & Traditional Selling Methods that are proven more successful in driving new clients, you can better identify prospects with high purchase intent. This enables you to be on top of your competitors by approaching clients more informed and personalized, leading to higher response rates and better sales outcomes.

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Are you ready to drive more revenues faster?


I am a B2B sales enthusiast always keeping up to date with new technologies and trends for reshaping the customers acquisition process.


Business Mind is one of the few advisory firms, that offers a unique mix of commercial consulting services dedicated to the B2B sector from Romania. From communication services, brand services, web design, and marketing outsourcing to business intelligence, commercial risk management, compliance, HR services, and much more. Since 2018 we have managed to obtain and grow our clients’ trust while expanding our services portfolio.

About the founder

As an entrepreneur and a B2B Advisor, Elena gets involved frequently, and with passion in various projects that require practical solutions for resolving difficult situations for clients.


Within 19+ years of performance in Sales, Marketing, and Business Development, she worked with companies of all sizes, Top consulting firms, local Business Associations, and Trade Sections of Embassies. 


The past 10 years were dedicated to the consulting industry, working for top international companies. She is also the Commercial Consultant for the Belgian-Luxembourg-Romanian-Moldovan Chamber of Commerce (BEROCC), a guest speaker at events, and an author of various business articles.