Debt collection from local and foreign Clients


Without a dedicated debt collector within the company, the accountancy department or the sales department manages to collect the unpaid invoices. Still, the result may not be satisfying, especially for the outstanding invoices over three months delay.

Every additional day decreases the chance to collect the money. To speed the collection, the company should outsource the collection of the “old” unpaid invoices to a specialist.

We selected a debt collection company specialized in collecting money exclusively with corporate clients. Either it is for only unpaid invoices or to outsource the entire collection process, our selected partner will handle the situation according to your principles and values.

When our partner handles unpaid invoices, it will affect the risk credit of the debtor and its affiliated companies. If there are no commercial disputes, the client prefers to pay than to deteriorate its rating.

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The collection of overdue invoices for the Romanian market is a success-fee. When you receive the payment in your account, you pay the commission to the collector.

For invoices abroad, the cost may be different according to the country.

OPERANDI – our Trusted Partner – is in charge for the selection & monitoring of suppliers to ensure an excellent and long term quality. 

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