How B2B salespeople can sell more with data & analytics – Webinar

Grow your Sales by using "Data & Analytics"


* Data: internal and external data about clients and prospects in order to identify sales opportunities

* Analytics: actions based on data

The training is meant to show participants (Marketing and Sales Managers) how to use internal and external data about clients and prospects to increase sales. Thanks to a better profiling, they  improve efficiency, communication between the sales and credit risk department and mitigate the risk of unpaid invoices.

  • When: March 31st 2020 – between 8:30 – 13:00
  • Participants: salespeople, Sales and Marketing Managers
  • OPEN Course – opening participation based on prior registration by March 27th 2020
  • Number of participants– max 20
  • Premises – Piața Romana, 6  Pitar Moș Street, District 1, Bucharest
  • Training procedures – practical examples, case studies, 50% theoretically,  50% practically
  • Trainer – Senior Sales Trainer with more than 10 years B2B experience
  • Language: Romanian
  • Price – 150 Euro/participant (+ VAT)

Why you should attend?

  • You will understand the internal and external data of a company
  • You will identify among existing clients the ones that present the highest potential
  • You will build marketing lists about pre-qualified prospects
  • You will understand the credit risk constraints
  • You will launch sales campaigns according to prospects’ and clients’ real potential

Why it benefits your company as well?

  • More sales with clients
  • Better quality prospects
  • Less unpaid invoices and more cashflows


Registration / Coffee break

8:30 – 9:00

Module 1

Portfolio Analysis of Existing Clients 

·      Why is it necessary to analyze the current portfolio of clients?  How to analyse it?

·      KPIs – Key Performance Indicators- with internal data (sales, payment behavior)

·      KPIs with external data (clients turnover, credit risk and Credit risk and credit limit


9:00 – 10:00

Module 2

How to build marketing lists of prospects

·         Traditional criteria to design a marketing list

·         New indicators and their dynamic

·         How to align the constraints of the credit risk department with the objectives of the sales department

·         Top companies by industry 

–      Type & Industry & Regional distribution

–      How to transform scoring and credit limit into a sales weapon

–      KPIs (Key Performing Indicators): Sales per employee,  DSO (Days Sales Outstanding)


10:00 – 11:00

Coffee break

11:00 – 11:15

Module 3 

Best practices for checking prospects

·     How to use Business Information?  Solutions and sources

·     How LinkedIn can be used for prospecting and networking

·     Which mistakes to avoid?


11:15 – 12:45



Who provides the training?

BUSINESS MIND aims to provide the best B2B solutions and has partnered with independent providers to deliver best quality.

Operandi – our Trusted Partner – is in charge for the selection & monitoring of suppliers to ensure an excellent and long term quality. 

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