Services dedicated to B2B:

Sales & Marketing

We help you create: targeted B2B campaigns to better assess Clients by using Data & Analytics, organise corporate events, website design, materials design & print etc.

Finance & Credit Risk Management

You can mitigate the risk of not getting paid by partners in Romania & abroad by using our online credit risk platform.


What are the risks I am exposed to as being the CEO or CFO of the company and how can I mitigate them? These are only some of the questions our team can help you get answers to and also to implement the relevant processes.

Debt collections

You give us your unpaid debts from Romania and/or abroad and you pay us only when we collect. Our team is the only one dedicated exclusively to B2B collections and we focus on keeping the best business relationship with your Clients.

Business Intelligence Reports

Sector studies, Clients Portfolio Analysis, Suppliers Diagnostics are only some of the Reports specially designed for you to gain Business Intelligence.


Access our trainings portfolio specially designed for getting in-depth knowledge in various areas of B2B like Sales & Marketing, Debt collection, Wealth Management, Credit Risk Management etc.

Corporate Events

Planning your next conference, seminar, trainings, team-building? Our team can help you by sharing over 10 years of experience in organising corporate events

Brand Management

Brand Manual, website, business cards, brochures, promo materials - any of them give you a hustle or you need help producing? Access our platform for Marketing best results

Corporate Photos

You need professional photos for your team or during your events? Access our platform to receive a personalised solution.

Alerts & Monitoring Platform

You can assess your Clients & Suppliers by using our online tool. The platform is linked with Official sources from Romania like Trade Registry, Ministry of Finance, Fiscal Authority,, Official Gazette, Real Securities and is showing users the actual situation of each company. Additionally, the platform monitors changes that might occur and Alerts users by email.