Study by shareholder nationality

Study by Shareholder's Nationality

Market study


Find out what companies are backed by foreign investments and build your development strategy accordingly. With this study, you can target companies based on the nationality of the shareholder (i.e: Swiss, French, British, Italian, etc) + add other criteria like the minimum percentage of the foreign investment, turnover, profit, etc.

This type of study is only available on-demand and can be delivered in 10 business days. When submitting the order, please mention the criteria you want the research to take into account.

What you will find out?

  • quantitative study in powerpoint presentation 
  • excel files with all companies and their financial data for the NACE code chosen
  • overview of companies, including their total number, grouped by size of turnover; number of employees in the sector and sales per employee; active vs. inactive; risk level overview; geographical analysis and shareholders’ nationality; profitability  
  • key industry figures – turnover, net profit, net margin, number of employees, sales per employee covering the last three years; receivables, inventory; assets, debts ratio, structure of assets financing.   
  • industry analysis and classification of companies – by geographical criteria and by size, including with sales trends per region;
  • Top 20 and bottom 20 companies by turnover in the latest financial year  
  • commercial credit risk – classification of companies by risk level, risk matrix mitigation, top and bottom performers –> which companies have to be monitored as they have a fluctuant payment behaviour 
  • recommendations/conclusions 
  • annexes with: scoring formulas, scoring level definitions, definitions and list of all companies in an excel file

Who provides the study?

BUSINESS MIND aims to provide the best B2B solutions and has partnered with independent providers to deliver best results.

OPERANDI – our Trusted Partner – is in charge for the selection & monitoring of suppliers to ensure an excellent and long term quality. 

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