TOP 10,000 companies

TOP 10,000 companies in Romania

Market study

This study includes TOP 10,000 companies in Romania from all sectors except banks, insurance and credit companies – with a minimum yearly turnover of  EUR 3.4 million. 

A market sector study is a quantitative assessment of a specific sector based on the analysis of the financial data of thousands of companies.

The reader will have a top-down understanding of the dynamic of the sector thanks to numerous ratio and their analysis within the last 3 years (2016, 2017 and 2018), including risk rating, sales, profit, profit margin, DSO / Days Sales Outstanding, assets, debts, number of employees, sales per employee. 

The data are analysed at the level of the country and the main area of Romania. The study provides an understanding of the industry at the level of the country, the main geographic area and the information is split by company size (large, medium, small and micro companies).

The reader will have a bottom down approach thanks to the selection of the best and worst performers (by sales, profit, sales per employee, risk rating,…) and the dynamic of each company thanks to a 3-year approach to measure the variation.

The user can access the data within the excel at the level of each company. 

DELIVERABLE: PowerPoint analysis + Excel with all data & companies analysed


What you will find out?

Who provides the study​?

  • Quantitative study in PowerPoint presentation 
  • Excel files with all companies and their financial data for the NACE code chosen
  • overview of companies, including their total number, grouped by size of turnover; number of employees in the sector and sales per employee; active vs. inactive; risk level overview; geographical analysis and shareholders’ nationality; profitability  
  • key industry figures – turnover, net profit, net margin, number of employees, sales per employee covering the last three years; receivables, inventory; assets, debts ratio, structure of assets financing.   
  • industry analysis and classification of companies – by geographical criteria and by size, including with sales trends per region;
  • Top 20 and bottom 20 companies by turnover in the latest financial year  
  • commercial credit risk – classification of companies by risk level, risk matrix mitigation, top and bottom performers –> which companies have to be monitored as they have a fluctuant payment behaviour 
  • recommendations/conclusions 
  • annexes with: scoring formulas, scoring level definitions, definitions and list of all companies in an excel file

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