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A holistic approach to calibrating your b2b commercial actions: marketing, leads, sales pipeline, revenue, people


Increased Productivity


Targeted Acquisition

A unique mix of commercial services dedicated to the B2B sector from Romania

In today’s context, due to digitalization, the main expense of a business is not only the cost of production but also the cost of your sales & marketing efforts, as well as the selection of suppliers to support these efforts. Last but not least, there is the burden of finding and keeping the right staff.

Each project is unique, and for each of them, we select a Team of professionals that possess the relevant set of B2B commercial skills for delivering the project. We make sure all delivered actions respect the quality expectations and are completed in a timely manner.

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Our vision

"We believe in a future where technology will take on more and more tasks and experts in various fields will contribute to the development of projects for various companies at the same time."

Sales & Marketing like a PRO... ​

You have your dedicated team for your B2B business with commercial consultants, marketing & PR specialists, public speaking experts, copyrighters, journalists, digital experts, web designers … you name it.

And without the hassle of hiring and the burden of high budgets, because they are calibrated to the size of your business.


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