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Monitoring Alerts Platform


The Business Information platform is a tool that combines the access to data about companies with the monitoring & alerts about the frequent changes in the situation of companies. Users can access and export reports about companies from Romania with the data available in the public official sources and receive email alerts with variations for immediate actions. The tool respects compliance regulations and supports companies in their efforts to mitigate commercial risk.

Identify the current risks within the Clients & Suppliers Portfolios

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Business Intelligence Market Studies

Romanian companies

How to use latest financial data & Romania market reports in your activity:

  • Create reliable market reports for your business plans
  • Create marketing & sales lists based on your prospecting profiles and rules
  • Use latest financial & risk rating data from the last three years to qualify prospects/targets
  • Understand the trend & size of the market sector you’re analyzing
  • Assess competition or potential purchase targets in Romania
  • Share information with your partners or teams – the reports are in English

TOP 10,000 companies

One of the most powerful reports a company can get their hands on, the best-performing companies in Romania, based on the latest available financial data (2019) and legal data (2020). Find out more ...

Transport - Freight by Road

Uncover the ins and outs of the transport field in Romania with this comprehensive report. Find out more ...

IT & C

This study includes 1,311 companies in Romania with a minimum yearly turnover of EUR 450,000 (reached at least once in the last three years). Find out more ...

Audit, Accounting & Tax Consulting

Get a grasp of the Romanian fiscal consultancy market with this reporting including Romanian companies that offer audit, accounting, and tax consultancy. Find out more ...


Agriculture is a hot topic in Romania - understand this sector better with this overview report & details about all the companies included in the analysis. Find out more ...


Understand Romania's construction market with this study which includes 6,424 companies. Find out more ...

Market Study Upon Request

We can provide a report on any market segment in Romania, based on a specific NACE code (CAEN code in Romanian). Find our more.

Study by shareholder nationality

Find out what companies are backed by foreign investments and build your development strategy accordingly. Find out more...



You win the time spent for searching numerous locations or proposals from various suppliers. You win the time spent for identifying the best clients. You win the time spent for searching the decision makers of your key-targets and establishing the business meeting. IT’S TIME FOR YOU TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR BUSINESS!


Often the lowest price doesn’t respond to all your needs so we cannot promise to present you this. What we promise is that you will benefit from the RIGHT PRICE, meaning the one that best reflects the quality – price ratio


We build each business relationship on trust. The guarantee you receive are the 15 YEARS of experience in B2B, mainly: SALES, MARKETING, CREDIT RISK MANAGEMENT, COMPLIANCE, ADVISORY

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